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I-90 Summits

Yeah, yeah I know seattle has a huge diversity of hiking areas but sometimes you need to crank one out and get back for your kids bath time. So hooray for I-90

  • Mt Si Ah the classic. Lunch on the rocks. Maker sure you do the haystack.  rainer from si
  • Mt Teneriffe Actually a better view than sigh and pretty much same drive. Hike is a bit longer and lass woods is a bit chewed up. Stolen from davin
  • Rattlesnake ledge Take your grandparents it’s fast. I really need to go up to east peak or the 10 miles to snoqualmie pt. rattlesanke pano
  • Mailbox Peak New trail isn’t the crazy mudcliff the old one was. More like si but 30% harder. 40% better views. mailbox pano
  • Mt Washington Almost secret entrance east of twin falls. Steep gravely trail. Cool tree hallways. Really wanted to cedar morse lake view but got fog. fog ruined the summit
  • Kendall Katwalk Love this hike. Start of of the PCT. Pretty long but once it gets pretty it just stays that way for miles. Stolen from wikipedia
  • Bandera Meadow scramble but more of a ridge than a summit. Still great flowers and rainer. bandera vertical pano
  • Mt Defiance.  Secretly great. Left on bandera past mason lake and keep going. View from away from the highway. defiance pano
  • Granite Mt. Been 8 years need to go back. Love the alpine meandos and I’m a sucker for a lookout granite lookout
  • Mt. Catherine Took a six month old up includin the 9 foot rock scramble with a chain at the top. Great view of rainer but also bugs a the top. Benji's first summit